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Siapa Yang Kena

Dibawah adalah petikan soal jawab diantara YB Khairy Jamaluddin dengan salah seorang pemberi komentar yang menggunakan nama samarannya “Three King”. Komentar ini dipetik dari laman web peribadi YB Khairy Jamaluddin artikel yang bertajuk Mendebatkan Isu Debat… kita tengok siapa yang kena.

Question Three Kings :

KJ, I hope you can elaborate on certain issues. Since you want to be a future leader of Malaysia, I believe that these questions are relevant:

1.) ECM Libra merging with Avenue right after you bought stocks in them. Who approved this merger?

2.) Your Mat Cemerlang branding.

3.) Air Asia getting rights to fly to Singapore right after Kalimullah buys stocks in them.

4.) Why the time of the debate should be now as you are low on the polls? And why at your position only and not other more higher up important positions?

5.) How the hell did Razak Baginda get away with the Altantuya murder case.

6.) What is your position on ISA?

7.) You mention bumiputera rights for student scholarships going overseas aren't at the same ratio level as the population races. I wonder what is the distribution of tax paid by the population races?

8.) Are your views associated with your father-in-laws? How can you branch out from him.

9.) Who/What are the tingkat empat boys? And what are their official positions? How did they get the positions? Are they qualified? Why are they qualified? What have they contributed towards Malaysia when they have been there.These are just a few questions. Please post this (webmaster) and answer them (KJ) if you have the time. I wouldn't expect you to answer tonnes of questions from a blog, but what the heck why not?

KJ's Answer :

Three Kings,Thanks for your email and questions. The following are my answers to your queries.

1) ECM Libra was working on several merger options long before I exercised my executive option scheme to buy a stake in the company. This was in line with the Government's push to consolidate the financial advisory and stockbroking industry by allowing for the creation of universal brokers and, later, investment banks. From what I know, ECM Libra and Avenue Capital Resources Berhad (Avenue) had informal, non-binding discussions before I became a shareholder of the former. I was not part of the formal negotiations which took place later between the two companies prior to the 'merger'. As far as approvals are concerned, ultimately any proposal to merge two corporate entities would require the consent of shareholders. The Government, via the Ministry of Finance and Bank Simpanan Nasional, held a 29.5% stake in Avenue. On its own, the Government could not have approved the 'merger' since the consent of the other shareholders was also needed. On 18 May, 2006, Avenue held an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of shareholders to discuss the proposal. The 'merger' was approved by 98% of shareholders present and voting at the EGM. Had the deal been questionable and something that the Government wanted to push through, surely minority shareholders including established international institutional investors, who were shareholders of Avenue, would not have given such an emphatic endorsement of the deal at the EGM.

2) I don't really know where the Mat Cemerlang branding came from. If I remember correctly, it was something that Datuk Azeez Rahim, head of Putera UMNO, suggested as part of his initiative to engage with a segment of our youth commonly known as Mat Rempit. I supported him in this endeavour because no one tried to reach out to this group of youths. We wanted to find out what their thoughts and aspirations were and how we could work together to ensure the safety of motorists on the road which was being threatened by this group. I still believe that the Government and political parties should continue to engage with this group but approach them with a two-pronged strategy. One would be the approach of engagement by trying to understand this group better. The other prong would be stern enforcement of laws. They must know that if they break laws, they will be swiftly reprimanded and punished. Without a two-pronged strategy, this segment of our youth population will continue to be problematic for many Malaysians.

3) Although this is not a question that concerns me directly, from what I understand Air Asia has been asking the Government for a Singapore route for a long time. This is in line with preparing our aviation sector for the open skies liberalisation of air routes in ASEAN starting next year. Also from what I have read and been told, Dato' Seri Kalimullah Hassan is a shareholder of Air Asia X, not Air Asia. These are different airlines. The recipient of the rights to fly to Singapore is Air Asia, not Air Asia X so I think you got your facts slightly muddled here.

4) I would have called for an open debate whatever the outcome of the nomination process. I believe it is important for UMNO leaders to stand the test of scrutiny, not just among UMNO delegates but also by the general public. We must acknowledge that, for now, UMNO leaders will also become Government leaders. Therefore, we not only owe it to the delegates but also to the rakyat to elucidate our views on the pressing challenges that confront our country today. This is in line with UMNO reaching out and being inclusive to non-party members and the general public.That is also the reason why I believe the open debate should be conducted for all key positions in UMNO, but it is not my place to make such a suggestion for posts which I am not running for.

5) This is a question about the outcome of a court case based on the presiding judge's wisdom and consideration. Not having read the written judgment in full (I presume it has not been written yet), I will not want to speculate on what the considerations were that led to the acquittal of Encik Abdul Razak Baginda.

6) I do think there is a need for laws that allow for preventive detention like the Internal Security Act (ISA). This is especially so in a world where threats to a nation's security increasingly come from non-state actors like transnational terrorist organisations and also individuals who subscribe to violent, apocalyptic beliefs. However, I am against the abuse of the ISA for political purposes. I would, therefore, support some amendments to the ISA which would prevent its abuse for political and non-security purposes, and ensure that those detained under this law are able to challenge their incarceration in a court of law.

7) The two have nothing to do with one another (although I know exactly what you are alluding to). My point is simple: scholarships like the JPA bursary should be given to all high-achieving students regardless of ethnic background. However, when increasing the number of scholarships for non-Bumiputera students, the Government should increase the total number of scholarships awarded. Otherwise the number of scholarships given to Bumiputera students would be less than in previous years. I cannot agree with a zero-sum outcome.Also, just to indulge in your inference briefly. If the Government were to provide benefits and public goods to segments of the population based on how much taxes they pay, then the rich would get the most benefit from Government expenditure since they pay the most taxes in our progressive taxation system. Surely there is something morally questionable about that outcome.

8) I have my own views which may or may not be the same as those held by the Prime Minister. I represent a different generation and necessarily my views would be influenced by the zeitgeist or the spirit of my generation's time which is far removed from the social and historical context that shaped the PM's own views and beliefs.

9) Aides of the Prime Minister commonly knows as "the Fourth Floor" are competent and professional public servants who have been systematically demonized by certain individuals. This group of ministerial aides is made up of special assistants and press secretaries - support staff available to all Ministers. "The Fourth Floor" commonly refers to the policy unit tasked with preparing speeches and research memos for the PM, and the communications unit which liaises with the media. The former is headed by Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid who prior to joining the PM's Office worked as an aide to the Minister of Youth and Sports and in management consultancy. The communications unit is headed by Datuk Kamal Khalid who came from Bursa Malaysia. They are assisted by other aides who have experience in journalism, management consulting, investment banking and academia. Finally, let me thank you for asking specific, detailed questions allowing me to exercise my right of reply in order to shed some light on some issues which have affected my credibility and public image.

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