Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Demons That Won't Go Away

Khairy Jamaluddin has been on the interview circuit of late – granting interview after interview with different newspapers, even scheduled to appear on Astro Awani at 8.30pm tonight (Tuesday).

The latest was one with Malay Mail's Zainal Epi, who fired especially tough questions on matters ranging from his alleged use of his father-in-law's influence in getting projects to rumours of his involvement with celebrity Maya Karin.

In his usual calm demeanour Khairy handled them well, declining to comment on mere allegations. There was a hint of exasperation though, "I have maintained from the very beginning that if there is any wrongdoing on my part, people should come forward and make concrete complaints, lodge concrete reports....(w)e cannot go on, just based on rumours and innuendos".

For someone so demonised, Khairy's contributions to UMNO are far from dubious. Leading the Pemuda machinery to victory in five by-elections, he has for years been the face of the wing, at times overshadowing its Head Hishammuddin Hussein. Unfortunately for Khairy, his talents appear to also be the reason for many within the party to plot his downfall – it is an open secret that in all tiers of UMNO, being young and capable is usually to one's peril.

And this is not his only 'handicap' in the peculiar world of UMNO politics. Despite arguably playing to the race gallery in the past, observers note that Khairy's demeanour and approach are out of step with mainstream UMNO. From seemingly trivial issues like the way he dresses to more meaty issues like refusing to reach out hat in hand to influential former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is a sad reality that Khairy's 'unique' ways could conceivably lead him to be faced with insurmountable hurdles should he fail to capture the post of UMNO Youth Head this time around.

Even his tagline "Setiakawan" – a message of outreach to all Malays and Malaysians – appear in stark contrast to the traditional stance of the wing, one that is ultra-conservative and fiery (sometimes for the sake of it). But if UMNO has learnt anything at all from the 12th General Elections, it would know that rare figures like Khairy who command an ability to connect to numerous sections of the Malaysian citizenry (read: electorate) are crucial if the party is to avoid outright defeat come the next elections.

Thus, in many ways the upcoming contest for UMNO Youth Head is a litmus test for how well UMNO understands the message sent on March 8. Now with little clout, Khairy's only assets are his capabilities – but they dwarf those of his fellow contenders. If UMNO knows what is best for itself, it would stop backing a horse simply for its links – perceived or real – to the party leadership, or worse, based on unsubstantiated allegations.

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