Monday, January 26, 2009

Malaysiakini - KJ the Saviour

Extracts from Master Sak Mongkol
... It is what KJ represents that I find attractive. I may not necessarily like him, but what he represents, I like. He represents the new order- young, brash, brainy and not bounded to the old style. Malaysia needs that.

So, boys and girls, prove me wrong. Vote for Mukhriz brings you back to the old cycle. Vote for KJ breaks the cycle and open doors for all. KT? The ignoramus has got nothing to offer- just wait for his can of worms to open up by Khalid Ibrahim.

KJ represents to me, the change agent that UMNO seeks. The one who breaks up the leadership oligarchy hitherto confined to existing power holders. I have written about this in a previous article entitled the vicious cycle.

We also want a leader who can articulate his ideas and thoughts, not someone who drones boringly about what he is doing on a day to day basis. These kinds of leaders are a dime a dozen- in UMNO as well as the PR people. These drones are typified by ADUNs and parliamentarians, who report what they do on a day to day basis. These include giving out angpows to elderly, handing out bags of rice and food items, cuddling a baby, handing a cow for slaughter, reporting about a hari raya and New Year gathering. Hello boys and girls, you are not a Boy Scout troop leader or Girl Guide captain. We want to listen to your ideas. We are looking for your thought leadership.

We want them to present us their ideas on the burning issues of the day. Issues like Education, the state of our economy, race relations, party building etc. While the others seem evasive and playing politics with some of these issues, I see KJ brave enough to endure the accompanying brickbats to present and articulate leadership in thinking.

We seem to be so imprisoned with the idea of behaving the proper way in choosing the ketua pemuda. Such a behaviour rules out people whom we think do not conform to our personal preferences. Gentlemen, this is not a game of bagatelle. It cannot be so refined where a few gentlemen crowd around the billiard table playing it. It cannot be so controlled like this indoor game.

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