Thursday, July 2, 2009

Insidious Insider - My Reply to Malaysian Insider (Again) - KJ

The Malaysian Insider chose to again attack me personally with little regard to journalistic standards. Two separate articles, one a report and the other an editorial - whose author conveniently remains anonymous - epitomise the failings of the news portal to provide "balanced and serious reporting" as it spells out on its website. Instead, what they do show is The Malaysian Insider spiralling down into a tabloid-esque outfit bent on promoting half truths and reaching for sensationalist headlines even if it means putting words into people's mouths or ignoring certain stark realities.

on the press conference I held on the matter of Dewan Pemuda PAS's invitation to meet for a dialogue/discussion/muzakarah, The Malaysian Insider chose, in one of two articles on the PC, to run the headline "Khairy accuses Hadi Awang of being a Pakatan puppet" with all of 40 words worth of actual commentary - you wonder if these guys are being paid to write thought-provoking reports and op-eds or to come up with hit-headlines. And they chose to do so even when the piece - or any other - could not produce a single quote of me accusing the President of PAS of being a puppet to anyone. In fact, what I suggested in the press conference (which was conducted mostly in Bahasa Malaysia) was that YB Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Haji Hadi Awang may have felt forced to keep up pretenses and attack UMNO, perhaps because of internal politicking within Pakatan Rakyat and the apparent power struggle that is slowly but surely besieging the coalition of convenience. Here's a brief lesson in Bahasa Malaysia for The Malaysian Insider: "terpaksa" does not mean "dipaksa". READ MORE


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