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Independent Assessment and Appraisal of KJ - Malaysiakini

Structured Interview Technique based on 10 Point Scoring System
Name of candidate:
Mr Khairy Jamaluddin
Venue: Selfridges Hotel Oxford Street London
Date : 2nd July 1994


Talent A: Refers to ability to perform at Senior Managers or Head of a Department Involving managing large group of employees;
Talent B: Refers to ability to perform comfortably jobs known as Super Managers. In Malaysia these jobs are commonly known as Senior General Manager/ Vice President;
Talent C: Jobs known as “Leaders of Super Managers” or better known locally as Executive Directors or KSU in the public sector;
Talent D: Refers to ability to comfortably perform jobs of Leader of Leaders like KSN Or President of organisation with annual Profit exceeding RM5 billion like Petronas Chairman;
Talent E: The Super Leaders, the rare talent like Tun Dr Mahathir of Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, the top positions in Conglomerate of Companies like GE, Shell International, Exxon, Nestle, Citibank, ICI, Coca Cola etc. Profit exceeding RM50 billion annually.

What does each quality mean?

1. Visionary refers to someone who has intellectual ability to see problem and opportunities in the context of an issue or business of the whole and the ability to balance the divergent thinking about the context of the problem with convergent attention to details. Extend the problem to the future he or she could create long term vision of the group or organisation or society how to deal with the emerging problem.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: Applying this quality, Khairy had displayed superb quality in looking at the end of cold war and how its impact would be on smaller countries like Malaysia and other developing countries. The presentation was highly systematic and his views of UK-Malaysia relationship were very constructive as Malaysia would gain tremendous advantage through learning and collaboration. Category E scored.

2. Creativity.
Ability to look at problems from different angles and suggest unique or noble solutions and always seek to add value.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: This is indeed a rare talent among Malaysians. He has unlimited ideas how to add value to a business firm. This is the person who has no tolerance with status quo. He wants to things differently to gain big results. It is so clear that he is so passionate with changes as illustrated of his views on education system in Malaysia and how he would improve if he were the Education Minister. Scored E Category.

3. Analysis. The ability to pick out the roots of the problem through systematic analysis, look at causes rather than symptoms, takes an holistic view of a problem describe the wood before examining the trees; look at problem in time and space and distinguish the important features from the unimportant.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: This is the second strongest quality of Khairy in the ten point rating. He could respond very methodically to a number of hard questions like polarisation of Super power, racial integration in Malaysia and the behaviour of Multinational Companies in Malaysia. His analytical ability is extremely high and his debating skills are comparable to Dr Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore and Lady Margaret Thatcher of UK. His expression is clear highly analytical using statistics and high logical linkages. Score E Category.

4. Reality. Ability to see realities of other relevant parts of the equation not just his or her own ideal solutions (feet always on the ground); always consider the bottom line, recognises the main goal and good business governance; recognise priorities in a problem situation and takes action appropriately.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: Rated high within D category rather than E reflecting his limited contact with the real business environment. This quality could easily be improved when he faces the reality of the real business world. Despite his lack of direct business experience, Khairy showed his ability to set attainable personal goals and targets.

5. Achievement. Ability to set high standards for himself and goes after them passionately; shows high personal commitment; always sees opportunity rather than problems; always welcome responsibility and challenge.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: “If I own a business I would certainly employ Khairy to run it”. Throughout the one hour programme Khairy had demonstrated his high motivation to achieve the target set both academically and professionally. This is indeed a reflection of much sought after quality in a modern business organisation. This type of quality will facilitate empowerment and high performance culture. Khairy takes full responsibility and works hard to achieve the set target. Score E Category.

6. Business. Ability to see a holistic view of the business with focus on balancing short and long term benefits, constant challenge to value added initiatives; clear focus on customer service.

Assessment by Principal Consultant: Khairy had again shown his proactiveness attitude. He was well prepared to discuss on broad business principles and he was optimistic that an exposure and a stint in business environment would enable him to contribute substantially to any business firms in Malaysia or abroad. Rating D was scored as there is tendency for him to rush into full gear before the engine is warmed up.

7. Killer Instinct. Ability to clinch a deal quickly; establish strategy to weaken current and potential competitors. In simple term this quality demands right timing of attack against the competitors; makes clear decision letting everyone involved knows where they stand and what is expected of them and to produce fast results without sacrificing long term interest of the organisation .

Assessment by Principal Consultant: Khairy was asked a theoretical question regarding his views on globalisation of business and which side of the camp he belongs to. His response was highly analytical based on certain strategic concept like borderless world and profit optimisation. He was able to relate how Malaysia fits in within this big picture. Score E Category.

8. Organising. Having the ability to work to a plan rather than ad hoc approaches.

Assessment made by Principal Consultant: Khairy came well prepared with good understanding of the organisation and he was able to handle the discussion in highly systematic way by showing ability to prioritise and produce sequence of action. Score E Category.

9. Communication. Ability to give the full story ensuring all relevant people have accurate and complete information on which to act; shows personal warmth and respect for others; having ability to persuade and influence people through exceptional command of both verbal and non verbal body language.

Assessment made by Principal Consultant: This is Khairy’s forte. He has demonstrated even at this young age to master the ability to shift public opinion. He has set very high standard in term of verbal expression and body language and given time he would perform equally well if not better compared to world class leaders like Dr Mahathir, Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair, and Jacques Chirac.

10. Relationship. Ability to achieve results through motivating people by having skill in engaging people to change their views or opinion and to align large group of employees to a newly set goal or vision.

Assessment made by Principal Consultant: In a number of occasions Khairy had shown his natural flair in giving his views that are so powerful and convincing. He would undoubtedly has the capacity to lead very large organisation with his ability to win their heart and mind. However, as a young high flyer he needs to be alerted the thin line that divides confidence and arrogance.

Overall Summary

Khairy is without doubt a Super Leader material having all the necessary qualities to make to the top. He was indeed offered a scholarship immediately after the interview doubling the scholarship fee from Pound Sterling 1250 monthly (given to ordinary company scholars) to Pds 2500 throughout the duration of studies at the Oxford University UK reflecting the premium required to attract and retain this world top talent.”

The offer was verbally made to Khairy of the scholarship offer and also his possible career path was discussed upon graduation.

Offer Declined

A week after the offer was formally made, Khairy called the writer that though the offer was financially attractive he had to decline it.

Reason: He has decided to go into politics to contribute to the country rather than having good wealthy life in corporate world. The writer tried very hard to convince Khairy of starting his career in the business world with substantial financial rewards and the mental challenges that await him at international level. Khairy stood firm and the writer respects his decision.


The fact that Khairy had declined such a good offer reflected his personal commitment to contribute to the progress of the country. He could easily join the multi million dollar salary earner group worldwide with architect design house in the Mediterranean and the luxury of life of international top leaders with numerous fringe benefits and monetary rewards. He declined such exciting offer and instead preferred to try his fortune in the world of Malaysian politics mixing with the kampong folks
Sourse: Hang Tegar

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